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A New Blog

For the past several years I've struggled with maintaining the wordpress blog on this site. Starting 3 or 4 years ago the blog began to receive sustained stronger than usual traffic from data centers trying to post comments or just brute-forcing the admin login page. This peaked around 2021 when I finally decided to turn off all commenting functionality. This cooled things down except for requiring me to "kick" the server every few days as it ran out of file handles due to some misconfiguration on my part combined with the spam traffic.

This became annoying and I needed to find something that would be even lower maintenance. To that end, I've written my first functioning blogging software since 2006 or so. There is no dynamic content, all of it is statically rendered, and the blog content itself is stored in GitHub with updates managed using GitHub hooks. The content itself is written with ReStructured Text and I think I've created a pretty easy-to-use and low-maintenance blog platform (famous last words). Ask me in a decade if I was actually successful lol.

In addition, I've found that there are newer, cheaper AWS instances that would suit my needs. I started using this instance over 10 years ago and before I shut it down, I had an uptime of almost 2.5 years. It's truly the end of an era: